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Get a Better Night's Sleep

Wake Up With Fewer Morning Aches and Pains. It really is rocket science! Memory Foam as it is better known is a bi product of the NASA space project dating back to the seventies,although never used by them.
Memory foam has amazing moulding characteristics and the ability to absorb heat. It will mould to your body shape whatever size and spread your body weight evenly over the surface of your mattress enabling a peaceful and restful sleep.

The advantages of Tonix4u Memory Foam Toppers and Mattresses

  • Suitable for all. However you like to sleep, front, side, or back, memory foam moulds to the contours of your body enabling you to achieve your most comfortable position.
  • Recommended by health professionals. Memory foam helps to alleviate pain associated with many ailments.
  • Support. The weight of the body is absorbed by the memory foam evenly and individually, reducing pressure on the spine and joints. Beneficial for those with back problems, arthritis etc.
  • Hypoallergenic. Memory foam is hypoallergenic. For this reason memory foam mattresses and toppers are particularly suitable for asthmatics and people with other similar health problems
  • Comfort and Luxury. A Memory foam topper will improve your sleep quality allowing you to achieve a comfortable and restful sleep. Tossing and turning will be greatly reduced.
  • Dust Mites. Unlike ordinary mattresses, memory foam is resistant to dust mites.
  • No Turning. Memory foam toppers do not sag like conventional mattresses.
  • No disturbing your partner. As memory foam follows the contours of you and your partner's bodies separately, if either of you get up in the night the other will not be disturbed.

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