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Memory Foam Mattresses

WHY will a memory foam mattress benefit me

Whether it is coil sprung, pocket sprung, ordinary foam or latex mattresses. They all insist you mould to them. This is very uncomfortable and in some cases can causes inevitable shoulder lower back, knee, or calve problems causing you to  continuously alter your sleeping position and ruining another nights sleep.

Tonix4u foam mattress comprise of  two distinct parts, a soft visco-elastic upper portion [MEMORY FOAM] and a firmer foam base. When you lay on a Tonix4u memory foam mattress the upper portion being lower density memory foam is pressure-sensitive and responds to your body temperature by getting softer. Cradling the natural hollows of your neck, shoulders, back and knees by spreading the pressure over a much greater distance than a regular sprung mattress, providing you with total support thoughout the night.

All our Tonix4u mattresses come with a fully washable cover which helps to disperse heat, so no need to worried about getting too warm.

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