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Memory Foam Toppers

What is a Tonix4u Topper

A Tonix4u topper can be placed on top of any conventional mattress that is in good condition or under 5 years old to dramatically improve pressure relief and comfort without having to buy a new mattress.

Memory FoamTonix4u Mattress toppers are designed to lie on top of an existing mattress. They are made from Visco-elastic foam, more comanly known as space foam.Their function is to provide a layer of comfort and warmth between the user and the existing mattress. They are of particular benefit when the existing mattress is uncomfortable or lacks body support. The pressure points are relieved and blood circulation is improved. The excellent therapeutic cushioning and support enables a good night's sleep. If a hand is pressed into the foam and then removed, a distinct impression is left on the foam.   

Tonix4u Mattress toppers  come with a luxuary zipped cover that is breathable so that air circulates around the body and sweating or overheating is minimized.This outer  cover  that can be removed, hand washed in cold water with mild soap and dried on low setting. It should not be bleached..Toppers are regularly used in medical institutions because of their pressure relieving properties. The foam used in the construction of these memory foam toppers reacts to both pressure and temperature. This combined with its greater density are properties that give them their characteristic "weightlessness" sensation.

NOTE: IF the mattress underneath is already worn out,the topper will simply follow that contour and make the sageven more pronounced because of its soft nature.

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